Support for connecting to EventStore using WebSockets


We want support for connection to an Eventstore cluster from a Java application and are waiting for support for that in the EventStore.JVM client.

Rather that implement that support in the JVM client, an alternative I though of could be to add support for the websocket-protocol into the EventStore.

A client application could open a connection to a stream and every time an event is written in a stream the EventStore will send the Event to the connected client.

In my opinion this would allow subscription to streams to be done using a standard protocol, which enables client application developer to choose their own library.

Could this make any sense?

And would it fit in the architecture of the EventStore?


Marco Beelen

Long polling should get you the same result right? ES already supports that.

To be more clear atom + long polling which already exists and is probably more standardized thatn web sockets.