Subscription returning system events

I am subscribing to All stream like this

Subscription = await client!
eventAppeared: OnEventAppeared,
filterOptions: new SubscriptionFilterOptions(
start: FromAll.After(checkPoint),
subscriptionDropped: OnSubscriptionDropped,
resolveLinkTos: false,
cancellationToken: ct);

but I am getting streams back that start with “$”. I thought system events would be filtered out?

info: Kuna.EventSink.Log.LogSink[0]
Consumed item EventEnvelope { StreamId = $persistentsubscription-$ce-cart::Carts.Api-checkpoint, EventVersion = 961, CommitPosition = 1412132009, PreparePosition = 1412132009, EventCreatedOn = 11/19/2023 1:31:40 PM, EventTypeName = SubscriptionCheckpoint, Data = System.Byte[], MetaData = System.Byte[] }

It’s based on the event type, not the sream name
there are system stream you would want to have ( by category , by event type)

in this case though the event type is SubscriptionCheckpoint ( see here )
which is a system event and should start with a $ to be filtered out .

I would suggest to just ignore that specific event type until we fixed this