Subscription ordering


If I am (non-persistently) subscribing to a stream, is it guaranteed that i will see the events in order?

Specifically if i am subscribing to the “by category” system projection.

There is an old thread that surfaced in our team that caused some confusion, and the docs do not explicitly state it as far as i can tell.

Hello, thanks for reaching out! It is in fact guaranteed that you will receive events in order when reading through a catchup subscription. Please do let us know if you see differently, or have any other questions :blush:

Thanks for the quick reply and good to hear!

Another question, projection streams will of course interleave events from other streams, but the events from the other streams will appear in the order they appear in those streams right? :slight_smile:

Correct! And in fact, even with the interleaved events, the projection stream should still have the events from the other stream(s) in the order in which they were appended (i.e. as ordered in the $all stream)

Awesome! Thanks a lot!