Subscription for "outdated" Events


We have a Stream with MaxAge=10 minutes. We also have a persistent subscription (Competing Consumers) defined on this stream.

  1. What happens with events in Competing Consumers, when we don’t have an active connection to Subscription for let’s just say 30 minutes, and events become outdated in that time?

  2. When we connect to that subscription, do we get those “outdated” events?

  3. What happens when a Scavenging proces takes place in between? Does those events be we wiped out from Competing Consumers?

Thanks for any help,


With no active connection they will be gone.

They disappear from the stream, scavenge will just permantently remove
them from disk. They become unavailable after $maxAge.

If you had a connection however (even if its not processing) they may
still be buffered in the subscription depending on configuration

Ok, thanks for information!

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