Streams and Subscriptions


I am very new to event sourcing and EventStore so forgive me if I say something stupid.

I have a Tasking Application, when a Task is Created, I create a new Aggreagate and proceed to create a new Stream, something like task-1234 and I send it to EventStore.

Then I have several consumers interested in task creation / update / etc. However since I have task specific streams how can I create a generic task events subscription? I would like the consumers to subscribe to task-related events (and others) but with streams per task-id how could I do this?

Should I use something like RabbitMQ or Kafka to push the events when they are created or how can I do this with Event Store?




Turn on projections

For most cases you want to subscribe to the all stream and simply ignore the messages you don’t care about.

If you’re in the dotnet space, you should take a look at There is a recipe in there for SqlStreamStore but it can easily be adapted to EventStore.