Stream names and subscription types

Hi All,
Sorry for the newbie question:

I am developing a small proof of concept to learn event sourcing and started using the eventstore docker image.

I’d like to ask you directions about the common strategies to name streams and their pro/cons.

I have the following simple scenario:

Customer aggregate

streams name: , e.g.: 123

events: CustomerRegistered, CreditReserved, CreditCheckFailed

Order aggregate

stream name: :, e.g.: 123:456

events: OrderCreated, OrderAccepted, OrderRejected


subscribes to what stream name?

I will have one stream per order instance, and I want to know “all events about orders".

Shall I add a prefix "orders-“ to the customer streams’ names and subscribe an OrdersEventHandler to “orders-*“?

Is there a documentation I can read on it?

Shall I use competing consumers [1]? I’m not interested in scale (yet), I just want to keep it as simple as possible.

Similar question for CustomersEventHandler:

Subscribes to what stream name?

I will still have one stream per customer instance, and I want to know just these events about customers: CreditReserved, CreditCheckFailed.




I found out $ce- projections are the features I need.