Stream Name

Is the normal convention that you create a stream per aggregate, and specify the stream name same as the aggregate type name? Are there any other considerations that have to be taken into account?


This is especially for projections as this constitutes a category:
account-1234 account-9876 are in the same category according to

Sorry, did not quite get you. In the GetEventStoreRepositroy example in github we have

var streamName = _aggregateIdToStreamName(aggregate.GetType(), aggregate.Id);

I would have thought var streamName = aggregate.GetType();

would be enough.

But considering I have not started on projections yet, I feel I am missing something here.


Stream per "aggregate"

Account-1234 is different than Account-9876 but sometimes you want all
events from all "Accounts" which is considered a "Category"

Oh ok, got it, thanks.

Without projections it doesn't matter much but they can be useful.