Starting Projections Programmatically / Internally

I’m trying to start projections internally for the embeddable EventStore using the node’s bus, e.g.

ClusterVNode node = CreateNode();

node.MainQueue.Publish(new ProjectionManagementMessage.Command.Enable(

new NoopEnvelope(),



but I don’t think it’s working. Looking at the codebase, it looks like the ProjectionComponent’s bus does not receive messages from the mainbus. How can I work around this?

I’ll have to look at the wire up is may be a separated bus. Easiest way to check is to look at the projections controller (http) and see how it does it.

Any change of a code snippet for how to do this with the embedded EventStore… looking how ProjectsionController does it (OnProjectionCommandEnable) but can’t figure out where to get HttpEntityManager. Or maybe I’m missing the point.