Specifying stream max-age/metadata during projection emit


We are using eventstore to store the results of chef runs across our server estate, and then using this in a projection to emit events to a stream for each server.

However, our disk usage is on a continual upward trend, and we really dont care too much about the information after a few months.

At the event store event the other week, James mentioned that its possible to specify the max age during an emit call.

I’ve found https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/blob/f0e38e85aa473b7b4c57f1e413661da86e828e31/src/EventStore.Projections.Core/Prelude/1Prelude.js#L231, but not 100% sure how to use it.

Can anyone share an example of how this would be done?

While I am at it, would this be a better use case for linked events rather than emitting new events? (and would setting the metadata be the same in this case?)

Many thanks,


You cannot as of now emit stream metadata from projections and would
need to do it from the outside. There is a card for allowing this.