Simpler networking topology?

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I’m creating a product and the associated startup.

I’m very interested in using EventStore as a part of my business domain consists of receiving webhook events from external services.
I’d like to event source these events so that I can save all of them in order to be able to extract more data out of them, later when I’ll need it

As I’m creating a startup I have very limited resources, both human-wise and money-wise.

To go fast, I use as many SaaS as possible that’s why I was very happy when I discovered that you were having a cloud offering.
I don’t want to have to host any software I didn’t write. Too risky, especially for a DB, too much knowledge to acquire and maintain and just too much work.

My issue is that it seems your cloud offering is targetting people having complex and “big cloud-based” networking topology, which is not my case.

I host my apps in

I see that I have to create a peering connection to a VPC in a “big cloud provider” but my apps are not hosted in a “big cloud provider”

My question is therefore, how do I connect my apps running in to my EventStore Cloud DB instance? Without having to maintain a complex, “big cloud provider” dependent, network topology preferably?

Do you provide a way to just get a public DNS entry and a login/password so that I can directly connect my apps to your cloud DB instance?

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Hi Jules. Indeed, it is an issue, and not only for you. We are fully aware of the pain caused by the peering requirement, and we are working on solving it. It’s not going as fast as I would personally prefer, but we have good progress.

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Do you have any ETA for this feature? I understand that you may not have a precise datetime with a nanosecond precision (:smile:) to give me but maybe you have an idea of when it’ll land, like in 1 month, in 3 months, in 6 months?

More like six months

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Maybe less. Subscribe to our newsletter, we might open a waiting list for a beta program quite soon.

very much interested. painful to use ES with Azure container apps and dapr

Why is it painful? As far as I remember, Azure Container Apps support private VNs.

with the current set of event store cloud you are forced to use a VNET…

However my app only requires to connect to event store but now forced to create a vnet

We are aware of this and working on making this simpler .
( see @alexey.zimarev comment above)

Just want to give a quick update - for Azure specifically we’ll be exploring their Private Link option. It’s quite new, so we need to understand how it works, and how much effort it would require from us to implement.

It would help if you can clarify what you use to run your app. Like, if you run it in AKS, you’ll have a VNet. If you run in Container Services, you also have a VNet.

Using Azure container apps without any custom vnet

So, it’s basically public internet. I think either ES Cloud managed database accessible through public internet or Azure Private Link would help. As you can’t even apply IP filtering if you run in Container Apps, it’s probably not the best idea to go through public internet. We’d eventually do both, and, maybe, Private Link is easier. I am not sure. We are looking into those things, thanks for feedback.