Setup eventstore over https

We are using HTTP API to access eventstore. The store is behind HAProxy which only allows https access.

The call are forwarded as http to the eventstore. AS a result the links in the returned documents are http and are blocked by HAP when we try to use the "href"s.

There isn’t much on that topic that I could find. Sorry If I am asking something that has been discussed!

  1. For version 3.0.5 what is the way to setup eventstore to respond to https? We have tried all kinds of combinations with prefixes etc… we are running cluster of 3

  2. Is the protocol in the returned links dictated by the incoming request only? What is the way to force them in https format ?

This is the config we are using :



WorkerThreads: 16

ProjectionThreads: 16

#MemDb: True

Db: “/opt/eventstore/data”


  • “http://*:2114/”

Log: “/opt/eventstore/logs”

IntTcpPort: 2111

ExtTcpPort: 2112

IntHttpPort: 2113

ExtHttpPort: 2114

RunProjections: All

ClusterSize: 3

#ClusterGossipPort: 2113

DiscoverViaDns: False

GossipIntervalMs: 3000

GossipTimeoutMs: 3000