Schema/Namespace for streams

Is there a built-in mechanism for schemas/namespaces to avoid conflicts between applications using the same event store?


in a security module using event store, it uses “resource” streams (a resource to be accessed).

in a billing module using event store, it uses “resource” streams (a resource that has been used).

Is the expectation that we manage the naming conflicts ourselves by prefixing all the streams names, e.g. “mycompany-security-resource-00001”?

This is one way to do it. if you use dashes to separate namespaces you should probably configure eventstore to use the last dash to extract the category.

What I’ve done in the past is to put the namespace in brackets, e.g. []resource-00001 that way changing the configuration is not required.

Thanks, so are brackets and their contents ignored when extracting a category?

If I had two streams with different contents in brackets what would happen? (I’ll give this a go later tonight).

No. You would have category streams like