Is scavenging run periodically automatically?


No. Use cron or windows scheduler

Just explain a touch about why this is the way that it is. We could
very easy do scheduling of scavenging say every day at hour scavenge.
Pretty quickly though this would either explode in complexity (on
every third business day at 6 + business day of week) or it would suck
as it didn't support such things. The decision was therefore made to
support nothing but an external trigger to allow using one of many of
the outside tools that support such things (most likely better than we




how can i Setup the Scanvenging Process in Windows Scheduler?

I can’t find anything with google :frowning:

Best regards

You can have the windows scheduler send a POST web request to http://localhost:2113/admin/scavenge

The curl equivalent for reference would be

curl -i -d{} -X POST http://localhost:2113/admin/scavenge -u admin:changeit


Does the .NET client also have something for this?

Its a http post http client can do this.

Ofcourse :slight_smile: was just wondering if there was something on the client to not
have to pull that in.

I guess this means "no" :slight_smile:

Most likely you would be running it from cron/windows scheduler. I
would imagine you would probably want to schedule a curl call

Yes, I’ll end up with that, thanks