Saga pattern implementations


I was just wondering whether anybody has implemented a saga pattern on top of the EventStore?

If there are any examples out there I’d be grateful for the pointers.

Kind regards


Szymon has implemented nservicebus on top.

The main thing to worry about is atomicity of published messages and writing your checkpoint. The easiest way of handling it is using expected version when writing to gain idempotency.


Due to the fact that competing consumers now exist, we are considering not using NServiceBus. Or, would you consider a case for this

If we didn’t use NSB, are there any samples?

Also, do we know when competing consumers will be available in master (I don’t mind usinga branch for now).

Kind regards


I have about 1 days worth of work on competing I have been
procrastinating on before I PR it. I will most likely do it next week.
If not please annoy me :slight_smile: