Safe way to debug the connection.SubscribeToStreamFrom eventAppeared handler with Visual Studio?

From Visual Studio when a debugger stops on a breakepoint within eventAppeared handler (SubscribeToStreamFrom method), the connection gets dropped (heartbeat timeout?). When that happens it makes hard to debug the stream because no new events appears and subscriptionDropped handler is called, which fires custom reconnection routines, etc…

Is there a way to disable heartbeat check for debugging purposes or is this a bad idea?

You cant really disable it as the server has no way of knowing you are just debugging not dead and it should be closing your socket to free the resource I can drop in a command line option to make this longer for you

Having the same issue here. Heartbeat timeouts make it hard to debug.

Yes, that will help. I was searching for something similar in --help menu, but didn’t find any.

I have added the option to the command line. You can view the pull request here this should prevent the issues you are seeing (just set a timeout of say 5 minutes etc).



Thank you! I’ll try it out!

Let us know if it sorts out your issue for you.



Just tested with --tcp-timeout=60000, and it works as expected, drops the connection only after one minute. No more problems here.

Glad to hear it.