Running EventStore 20.6.0 in non-dev mode

I want to install EventStore 20.6.0 in non-Dev mode. I followed all the steps from here and successfully import the certificate file. But could not run EventStore from command prompt.

Has anyone have any ideas on this.Is there any document from where I can have an idea about this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @sandipan, what output are you getting when you try to run EventStore?

@mat-mcloughlin , I am getting the following error “System.Exception: A TLS Certificate is required unless development mode (–dev) is set.

If you are running in non dev mode then are required to supply certs. We need to build up better guidance on this but if you look at the release notes “Configuring a Cluster to run with Certificates” section that should hopefully give you some guidance