Running Event Store as a Windows service


Is there a built-in way to configure Event Store to run as a Windows service?




There’s no built-in way to make the single node or cluster node run as a Windows service. The supervisor which comes with commercial support does allow for this (it runs as a service and is responsible for starting and monitoring nodes as child processes).

I’d recommend taking a look at something like to do this on Windows - in Linux you just use daemonize :slight_smile:


I’m actually looking into buying the support, so if the supervisor comes with that - great, 1 fewer thing to worry about.

Can I run multiple instances of supervisor to monitor 1 cluster to avoid a SPOF?

Hi Igor,

If you’re running a supported cluster you’d run one supervisor per physical machine, responsible for the nodes running on that machine



Makes sense, thanks.

And you can use another monitor on top of supervisor if you want equivalent of supervise manager in linux. However there are reasons the manager could theoretically die and in most of these you probably would not want to have it automatically restart