Risks of self-hosting in production

Good day,

We definitely understand all the benefits that Event store Cloud provides, i.e. support, maintenance, uptime guarantees etc. But if for some reason we opt-in to self-host ESDB for production env by provisioning it in GCP in our secure cluster, what risks and concerns do we have here?

In the docs it’s mentioned everywhere that it’s not recommended to self-host in production. Can you please expand more on this recommendation.


You can totally self-host, we’re OSS
The docs tell you how to that here .

Can you point me where we say that in the doc ?
I’ll make sure that gets removed or corrected if it is misleading in some way.

That being said, do have a look at the support packages.
When you have a production system it is always better to have support in place.
( that is true for any 3d party system used , not ESDB in particular )