Resume scavenge from last scavenged chunk

As awesome as EventStore is (i have built ES-CQRS stack that works great), i did not have enough time to go through all the details of it. (production level configuration).

I plugged it as an eventstore in my ES-CQRS stack and it works great.

However, it consumes a lot of disk space (160GB in 5 months), and I am looking into it now.

Reducing stats period and scavenging partially helps, and I will do full research on the cause as soon as I can get to it.

I have 750 chunks, and whenever I run scavenge, it starts at first chunk even though it cannot reduce it any further.

Is there an option to continue scavenging from last scavenged chunk?

Best regards.

Every scavenge is considered a new scavenge but I believe that a
starting point can be put into it.


Just as a note, depending on your usage etc there are certainly cases
older chunks may be able to have space gained from them after the
first scavenge.

Thank you.
That was very helpful.