Restore data / debugging Prefix/suffix length inconsistency: prefix length(14447) != suffix length (0)

My Mac did a hang and hard reboot while ES was running for weeks and I got the above error. This is my main sandbox for development and I am looking to get back to a running state without losing events.
V: 3.9.4 (yeah, could use an upgrade)

I saw a post from 2015 with Greg saying that the Prefix length inconsistency error is not fixable. Surely at least there is a way to not lose data however, right?

Thanks for any pointers here.


Update… the first error died due to the latest chunk, so I renamed it and now I get this error:

EventStore.Core.Exceptions.CorruptDatabaseException: Corrupt database detected. —> EventStore.Core.Exceptions.ChunkNotFoundException: ./data/chunk-000019.000000 not found.

Wondering if I can point around this to restore things somehow. chunk 18 is likely ok to fall back to.