Restarting EventStore within its docker container

Why does the EventStore docker container take at least 30 seconds after startup to return “healthy” to the following query:
docker inspect --format {{.{State.Health.Status}}} {containerName}

I’m sure EventStore can begin receiving connections and events earlier than this. Should I be using a different test to determine when the EventStore is ready?

The question arises because my dev docker container uses MemDb=true in the config file so that a simple container restart can yield a fresh clean EventStore instance, and 30 seconds is a long time to wait when running tests in rapid development.

I tried killing/restarting the EventStore process within the docker container using docker exec {containerName} kill -9 {threadId} but it didn’t seem to work for me.

Try hitting the /gossip uri it will give you the status of the node

If you can post some log context (to a gist is fine) we can likely pinpoint why startup might be taking so long. Is the time commensurate with starting Event Store with the same flags outside of Docker on the same host?