ResolvedEvent: Event vs OriginalEvent

In the documentation, it looks as though Event and OriginalEvent would return the same thing if there was either an event or a link event. In most of the samples/question, I typically see OriginalEvent used when accessing the recorded event. Can anybody disambiguate these?



RecordedEvent Event
The event, or the resolved link event if thisResolvedEvent is a link event

RecordedEvent OriginalEvent
Returns the event that was read or which triggered the subscription. If this ResolvedEvent represents a link event, the link will be the OriginalEvent, otherwise it will be the event

depends if there is a linked event and if you are resolving them. If resolving you can have original event point to a link and event point to the resolved version of the linked event.

OriginalEvent is whatever caused the subscription to fire. If you’re tracking position that’s what you’ll want.