Reset state of projection


Waiting for the release of this awaited version 4.0, I still hope I can find answers to my projection question.

For the first time, I made a global projection (no foreachStream) on a category of stream. Work out of the box, no problem.

But in order to make my functionnal test isolated, I need to reset this projection before running my tests. And I did not find a good way to do it via the HTTP API for now.

I could disable it, but it does not reset its state. The only way would be to delete and recreate it… I hope there is another solution.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Timothee,
You can reset a projection by issuing an http request to http://{event-store-domain}:{ext-http-port}/projection/{projection_name}/command/reset

Great ! It works.

Thank you Pieter