Request for commercial info & startup help

I’ve really enjoyed working with ES since making the switch from my own hacked-together event serialization, and I would like to know what the commercial options are. I saw from another post here that there was a commercial page on the website at one point. Now I suppose I could go digging through the GitHub repo for the site to find it, but that really defeats the purpose of marketing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it would be really great if you could offer some commercial options that appeal to poor startups (such as myself). The one thing I saw in this other post was that commercial support runs at 1.3k pounds/year (?) - which is about 3x what I can afford at the moment. But I really don’t need all that much just yet. I mean, as much as I enjoy running dedicated Linux VMs and managing them myself :wink: - I would love to just subscribe to a hosted (multitenant?) offering in Azure. Any chance of that? I did see a hint that you’re going to do something around multitenancy soon-ish…

Drop me an email offline