..registration has not been written to projections-all. Error: WrongExpectedVersion

Which branch are you running on? Are you on a clean database or one
that has data in it?

Hi Tome,

If you run the database without specifying a db directory it will not save events. Not sure if that’s your issue, but it got me when I first started.


Hi Brian,

tnx for answer but I did specify specific db directory and it was created … don’t know will give it a go again …

To be specific you are running with --db=something both times?

Hi ,

I started service as EventStore.SingleNode.exe --db data --logsdir logs

I can not reproduce the issue again, event(s) are present after I kill service few times …

It could be most likely that I missed --db part when I was doing tests first time …

Thanks you all for help