Reconnecting to a Projection that does not exist when calling SubscribeToStreamFrom

Hi there,

I’m currently having an issue where my service is connecting to two projections and has a problem if either of the projected streams do not exist when SubscribeToStreamFrom is called on service start. I would expect the eventAppeared Action to fire once the projected stream has been created. This scenario is typically due to no data in Event Store and therefore the projections have no data to work with.

Unfortunately I’m constrained to using v3.9.5 of the .NET client to match the version of Event Store that is running.

I have tried adding KeepReconnecting to the connection settings object, however this does not appear to affect this.

I am getting logs from the subscriptionDropped Action with the reason of CatchUpError, but I can’t find a good way of retrying the operation from within the callback.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Hi George,

Could you please provide us with some sample code you are using for subscribing to the streams?

Is the exception set when subscriptionDropped is called?