"Real-world" / Production Applications

Is there any software that’s in production today using the Event Store? If you wouldn’t mind listing the general business domain the software is in, that’d be great.


At minimum I can confirm there are several apps in the healthcare domain. Not sure we’re at liberty to publicly disclose other users in other domains, but perhaps other posters may.



Can you confirm if these apps are from multiple companies or is it one company with multiple apps?

Multiple with 2-3 more I know of in preproduction

We are world wide, using the eventstore, on https://app.eventday.com - Software as a Service for Large Event and Large Conference Management Software.

It’s been an amazing ride, and I’m Soooo happy our Sr. Team went this route. We haven’t had a single issue, that we didn’t cause ourselves. :slight_smile: And when those came up, the support from this list was amazing.

Highly recommended! If Event Sourcing matches your domain needs.

We’re using it here internally for several business problems. The only domain-y one (so far) are Price Negotiation / Approval, but we also use it as an integration point for legacy applications.

Thank you everyone. That is very helpful!


It is not allways easy to know what people have been doing with the open source version, some functional programmers must be shy. However, we do know that the open source version is in production environments in the following industries;
Pharma manufacturing
Financial services
Credit risk rating
Event management
Message queueing
Many web based applications

The Event Store HA is either in evaluation, pre-production/testing or production in the following;
Pharma manufacturing
Financial services
Online advert brokerage
Web based online ordering