Real Time replication


what is the best way to achieve real time replication with event store?

My goal is to have a secondary EvenStore backup that I rely incase the primary one goes down or get’s corrupted @alexey.zimarev

For a self-hosted scenario, the best choice today is to use a read-only replica node. It uses the internal replication protocol, and read-only replica nodes never become cluster members implicitly, which makes them a good choice not only for backup but also for subscriptions.

To add to @alexey.zimarev answer :
if you plan to have a completely seperate EventStore cluster, it’s best to have a human controlled process in case you need to failover in order to avoid a split brain between the stores.

Thanks for the info? how if I am using Azure Event Store cloud? how can this be possible?

At the moment the managed service does not have a toopology with a follower node.
I’d suggest first to try out against the load you will have to see if it is necessary .
Otherwise might help.