Reading "linkto" events over atom pub feed


I have a projection in my event store that looks like this:

$any : function(s,e) { linkTo(‘TESTEVENTS’, e); }

As you can see - all I want is a stream of events from my category “TEST”. I wish to consume this stream over the atom pub feed.

When I query stream “TESTEVENTS” via the atom feed, my entries look like this:

“title”: “0@TEST-41caacbd-3f5c-46e7-b96f-39f5195a7209”,
“id”: “http://localhost:2113/streams/TEST-41caacbd-3f5c-46e7-b96f-39f5195a7209/0”,
“updated”: “2015-03-19T12:40:32.0383586Z”,
“author”: {
“name”: “EventStore”
“summary”: “$>”,
“links”: [
“uri”: “http://localhost:2113/streams/TEST-41caacbd-3f5c-46e7-b96f-39f5195a7209/0”,
“relation”: “edit”
“uri”: “http://localhost:2113/streams/TEST-41caacbd-3f5c-46e7-b96f-39f5195a7209/0”,
“relation”: “alternate”

For events that are not “linked to”, the summary field seems to represent the “evet type”, but clearly this is not the case for linked events.

When I got to the “edit” link I just get the body of the event. How do I get the event type of the linked event?



What accept header are you using when uaing alternate link?

Try atom+xml

Yes that certainly seems to give me the information I need. Thank you.

Is there an option to retrieve this information in json format?

Apoologies - I should have read the documentation first:


Thanks for your help.


Just guessing +json would be reasonable as well. Also see embed=