Reading content of EventStore via atomsvc?

According to the documentation

“The Event Store is compliant with the Atom 1.0

It seems to be needed to provide URL and accept header to retrieve the ATOM-XML-document.

Is this ATOM-XML also available via URL only (without accept header) as atomsvc, e.g.

exposed as a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Service (formerly ADO.NET Data Services)?



Have never used WCF DS or ADO.NET Data services totally depends on
what they are expecting if you have some documentation on what they
expect (and whether or not its atom, I have my doubts) I can look
through it.

For the header, why would it be available without a header? the spec
clearly states a compliant client must include an accept header (one
uri can have more than one format) behaviour without an accept header
is undefined (I could just as easily send back an html representation
and many do)

Any follow up on this? Also in terms of atom the MS atom
implementation does work: System.ServiceModel.Syndication I would
imagine the other stff likely uses this as well?

…no solution found yet, do you have an suggestion for me, how I can access data only using URL without accept header??

I am really not sure what you are looking for? I don't know anything
about (and prefer to keep it that way) ADO.NET Data Services.

The atom protocol specifies you must include an accept header (thats
why they have media types). We currently support many different ways
of accessing events (json/atom feeds/competing protocol/etc). Without
an accept header what should we default to? Right now we default to a
description document that gives your uris + valid content types.