re-starting event store

I’m still playing with the idea of running event store embedded.

Can the event store be stopped and started again from it’s host? How is it supposed to work? I’m trying to call the Stop method of the SingleVNode but this does not seem to (completely) stop and dispose it.

It survives jsut being killed. Can you explain the use case?

It just doesn’t feel right to let it die. Every resource (manager) should have a controlled way of being shut down…
What is the Stop method of the SingleVNode for if not to stop the event store?

There is a stop message. However it is designed to never need it being called. I’ll look this evening at the embedded case, a facade might be useful here.

Gabriel - in the meantime it might help to look at MiniNode, which is what gets used in some parts of our test suites.



great. Can’t wait to see your approach…!

I have played with code copied from MiniNode and from the ProgramBase class. Everything seems clear to me except the shutdown which seems to be somewhat rough


Our shutdown mechanism is kill -9 :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, we designed it not to need a shutdown procedure, as in most failure modes we won’t to do one.