Querying in 3.0.1

Been away from ES day-to-day use for a while, and just installed 3.0.1 (Win7) and inserted a bunch of events and tried to run some queries and I’m having various issues. In the web UI, with this query:

“$init”: function(){
return {
count: 0
“$any”: function(s,e){
return s;

it runs for several seconds, then says:
“Completed/Stopped/Writing results”

above the query, but nothing appears in the State area. I’m used to the 2.x UI, so maybe I am missing something? But it used to output the state JSON for me.

Also, tried the same query with EventStore.Query.exe, and again it runs for several seconds, I see percent complete updating, but then I see:

An error has occured

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: requestUri

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t see anything in docs/examples that would explain what it is exactly :slight_smile: