Python client API

Is there a community standard python API for EventStore or is this something I should start working on?

There is not currently one for python however the http api should not
take more than an afternoon to get working (its atom feeds). The TCP
api obviously would take much longer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the really quick response, I am looking through the docs now to implement an HTTP client.

The http api is reasonably well documented but there are always some
issues in docs. Let us know if you run across any questions or
comments how we can improve the documentation.



Hi Joe - is this something you’ve posted code for in GitHub? I’d be very interested in seeing come to life as well.

We wrote a consumer in Python

The code is due a fairly major overhaul, but it’s working for us in production without any problems. At some point I’d like to add TCP support, for which we have some prototypes.

– B

@Bob Gregory


These TCP prototypes are they on Github?

I have started writing a C client which could likely be wrapped for
python. I need some time to finish it though. This may be a better
alternative than writing native python as it can be reused by other
languages as well

@greg +1 open to contribution?

Abso-f'ing-lutely :slight_smile:

And do enjoy wtfuuid.c