Purge Client Data Scenario

I have been reading about scavenging as well as how to delete streams (soft and hard deletes). I understand how to perform both soft and hard deletes on streams and how a scavenge works once an event has been deleted. I would like to use an existing stream (userEventList-) to delete all of the related events and then hard delete the stream. I would prefer to do this without having to write code, perhaps using the HTTP API if possible.

Does anyone know if such a “mass delete” command exists on the HTTP API? Maybe something like DELETE

My goal is to be able to support wiping all of an individual clients data should they request that we do so.



It would depends how you are storing them. Are you sharing streams
between users (this would not be allowed to be deleted partially in
this way). Providing this is not true you could trivially write a
projection similar to $streams that is streams-user then follow it and
remove them