Projections with Atom, SQL and SSRS

Just wondering if anyone is using the event store's atom feed capabilities to generate data sources for SSRS as a way to publish reports as PDFs?

I am looking for a scalable way to generate reports that are projected calculations and using Atom as a data source. If anyone has any ideas they can share I would appreciate it.


Jason Wyglendowski

Why not just write a projection in code that updates say sql server or whatever? You could do this from an atom feed or a catch up subscription. I may be misunderstanding the question though.

No you are understanding my question. I am just trying to find a way to produce projections that are not dependent on SQL that can use RDLs to produce pdf reports. You can use Atom as a data source for RDL based reports and wondered if anyone has done anything like that. The catch up subscription was exactly what I was thinking about using.

One database that I just came across looked like it may be a good choice to project too but I was just wanted to see if anyone was doing anyting different using the Even Store around this area.


Jason Wyglendowski