Projections still experimental in 3.0?


Are projections still experimental? Is there a programmatic way to create them? If yes, are there any API docs available?



Yes they are still experimental. You can create them with a restful
api or a command line tool

While the API does not have significant docs up the code in padmin
(the command line tool) is pretty self explanatory

Is there any documentation or example how to CRUD projections via the rest api?

You can create them with a restful

api or a command line tool

I was just about to ask what I have missed, since the “Create”-button in the web UI page for projections does not get enabled when I try to create a projection.
But the projections can’t yet be created from the web UI, am I right?

--run-projections=all is most likely it

I’m happy to say that I have noticed that line in the documentation, and I did add that. Tried other browser too so nothing cached. So must be something else [that I did/didn’t do].
Let’s not dwell on that. I’m going by the client api instead. Found this great blog with precious material:

Last time it came up it was someone forgetting to put the name. But yes you should be able to create through the ui (it uses the same api as projections manager in client api)