Projections not showing.

Hi Guys

I am looking for some advice/help.

We have deployed some projections in our environment. and if I look at the projections in the Webmin, and I click on the Projection Details nothing is showing up.

So what I have worked out is that the URL looks like it points to the Internal port of the EV service.


So as you can see with this URL above my port is different. My external port is 2317 and the internal port is 2316. If I change the port to 2317 it all works.

We are running EV on Windows 2008 R2

I can’t see where we are going wrong.

Any Help will be much appreciated

Many Thanks


Hi Chris,
What does your environment look like?

Also, what url are you using to log in to the web admin UI?


Hi Pieter

We have 3 nodes in a cluster. Everything is available via a cluster name so you can hit anyone of the 3 nodes.

We use http://someaddress:2317 to login.

Everything work as expected except the Projections

Let me know if you need any more info.

Many Thanks


The issue is that the request was probably made from a slave node which will then get forwarded to the master and the url that is sent back is made up using the request’s url which will be the internal http’s url.

You won’t have this issue if you were on the master’s admin UI.

We will look into a resolution for 3.8.0 which is destined for the 11th of July.

Thanks Pieter

We will keep our eye on 3.8 release.

Many thanks


Hi Pieter

IS there any Bug numbers for this?



Created an issue on github to track this Chris.
Herewith the link to the issue: