Projections javascript date library for parsing

It would be nice if javascript date library for parsing and formatting would be included by default in projections (for example open-source moment.js). Temporal queries are really cool, but it is PITA to work with datetime in projections.

Hmm actually I agree, we’ll discuss and see what we can do about that

I think in general the idea of including a stream would solve this.

That and some interface for maybe npm or something to make it easy to pull in packages

Oh, ye! I want this !!! :)))

This would be quite awesome to be able to use NPM packages. We have some code that we’d like to use from different projections. Has any progress been made on this? If not, how can we help?

(For us, currently, I know that one solution would be to setup multiple projections from a single file, and use common code, but that’s not too satisfying.)

I also agree that being able to include something like moment or underscore would be helpful.

Is there a way to use libs in our projections yet? Has any progress been made on this front?