Projections gone after upgrade to 3.0.5 from 3.0.3

Just did an upgrade of Event Store on my local vagrant Linux box from v3.0.3 to v3.0.5 and now all projections are gone.

Event store itself is installed in /opt/EventStore-v3.0.5 (old directory /opt/EventStore-v.3.0.3 has been removed) and the database is located in /var/event-store/db.

Event store is started in following way: --db /var/event-store/db --ext-ip --http-prefixes http://*:2113/

Is this intended that all projections are removed after an upgrade?

How can I create and enable the ‘by-type’ projection via the HTTP API (curl)?



Just saw that at least the ‘by-type’ projection is still there but the WebUI displays an empty list under menu item ‘Projections’.

The projections have not been removed. They are still there. The Projection Page’s poller is just incorrectly being initialised and therefor not displaying the projections.
It was resolved by this PR.

The fix will be included in a later release.

PS: If this is a huge concern right now, you are able to run the UI from the UI repository.