Projections : e.metadata

In this post on indexing, there seems to be a metadata property on the event passed into the fold, but I’m not seeing that.

From what I can tell, we have the following properties:

“body”, “bodyRaw”, “eventType”, “streamId”, “sequenceNumber”, “metadataRaw”, “partition”, “position”

In this case metadataRaw is the raw string. Am I supposed to be receiving metadata too?

It seems i can call JSON.parse on metadataRaw, so I can still get the info i need.

If your metadata is in json it should be available. Did you set “isjson” if writing through tcp interface?

isjson is definitely set, both on CreateStream and EventData. Will try updating the source and see if it helps.

Yuriy just added it back in … It wasn’t deserializing it.