projections/creation of read model in C#

Hi all,

Rather than performing projections in JavaScripts as discussed here:

I would like to create a read model (e.g. star schema) in C# during a catchup subscription, hosted inside a windows service. Looking at this:

projections can be achieved using Linq. Could someone please be so kind and point me to C# examples more specific to EventStore? Thanks.


Using a catchup subscription, a callback will fire every time an event arrives. You can do whatever you need to during this callback (or enqueue it for later processing).


Thanks. Sure I have done this in the past. However, I am looking for more blogs + examples. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Projac has a nice approach I think when it comes to organising each event’s projection:

Thanks this what I was looking for.

Just curious are there any disadvantages of not doing the projections in EventStore using JavaScript but rather using C#?

For this type of projection a catchup subscription is the way to go.