Projection problem: fromCategory('visits') or fromStream($ce-visits) not working

Hello folks. I am dipping my toes in Event Sourcing by evaluating for an upcoming project. I downloaded 3.9.4 onto my Mac and started writing events and playing with projections.

My stream format for my events are visits-tenantid-userid (e.g., visits-1-123)

I can run my projections successfully against a specific stream or a fromAll(), but fromCategory(‘visits’) and fromStream(’$ce-visits’) quietly does nothing. I do have all the events showing up in $ce-visits. Adding the foreachStream did not help.

// fromStream(’$ce-visits’)



$init:function(state, evnt){

return {

user_event_count: 0



VisitCreated: function(state, evnt){

state.user_event_count +=1;


VisitUpdated: function(state, evnt){

state.user_event_count +=1;





Do you have the internal by-category projection running?

Yes I do.

Can you browse to $ce-visits?

Yes. It has all my events.

This works in the 4.0.2 release.