Projection logging levels and performance

Hello fellow EventStore-rs!

We’ve just started using EventStore in the past month or so and have a few questions about logging in projections

  • Is logging expected to cause a performance hit? We were “aggressively” logging and noticing about a 5% improvement when we removed them and, relatedly
  • Is there a way to adjust the log levels? It looks like they are always at TRACE level and we can’t seem to find docs on adjusting that.

Thank you for all your hard work. So far our experience with EventStore has been delightful,

Michael “Gilli” Gilliland

Matrix Solutions

Hi Michael,
Apologies for only getting back to you now.

  1. Are you referring to the “log” method that is available inside of a projection?

  2. If yes to the above, then unfortunately there is not currently a way to set the level. You are correct in that it is “Trace”

Hi Pieter,

Yes, I am talking about the log inside the projections JavaScript.



It might be worthwhile to provide an overload to include the log level. If also set appropriately as a LogSource they could also then be piped to separate files etc.