Projection failure in ubuntu vm

Hello dear

I have event store version running inside a linux vm and i restarted the vm. Projections that I had written were failing with the following error: I had to manually reset the projection… any ideas. Is there any kind of health check on projections?

projection failed to process an event. Handler: EventStore.Projections.Core.Services.Interpreted.JintProjectionStateHandler Event Position: $ce-CustodianAccount: 0 Message: Projection script took too long to execute (took: 00:00:01.4198557, allowed: 00:00:00.2500000

That’s caused by a server settings limiting the amount of time the javascript interpreter is allowed to take to process an event .
This settings essentially is a protection for the db to keep ressources for all the other processing that needs to be done.
This ususally means some heavy computation in the script.

this is the configuration parameter:

-ProjectionExecutionTimeout=250 The time in milliseconds allowed for the executing a handler in a user projection

250ms is the default timeout.
I’ve rarely seen any need to change that setting.


Thanks for the explanation. Any idea why it happens? Resetting the projection seems to fix it

Hard to say without

  • server logs
  • the projection code