Projection does not exist or inaccessible.


To be honest I’ve missed the moment when it began. But currently I have inaccessible projections and what is more important they are working. I’ve made couple of screenshots. There you can see error message itself, number of processed events and missing info when you are inside of projection. And one more strange thing. Word “Running”, has appeared after projection name. My biggest pain that it is production. On stage everything is OK. As you can see on the screenshot Eventstore of version 4.0.3. Is it possible to fix this? Creating a new projection and eventstore restart does not solve the problem.






Thanks for reporting this issue.

  1. Is this a single node or a cluster?

  2. If it’s a cluster, are you viewing the EventStore website from the master IP address or from a slave node’s IP address?

  3. Do you see any errors related to projections in your logs when you try to enter the projection page?

If you would like, you can send me your logs to shaan at

Thank you



Thank you. Really master shows all the information. I have loadbalancer in front of eventstore. That was the problem. Thank you again.

We are experiencing the same issue and running this as a single node. The logs don’t appear to indicate a problem.

This appears to have started happening once we upgraded to 4.0.3

Should be noted we can’t stop / start any projections (system ones as well) and when we browse into Projections tab, there is no code visible (like the pictures above)
From our perspective just now, our Event Store is “bricked”.

Is there a way we could delete all projections, and recreate them?

Ok, problem solved…

The External IP address of our ES Server was changed, which only affected the Projections for some reason.

We updated the new external Ip in the ES config , restart ES and Projection burst into life!

Hello Steven,

Thanks, good to know!

It’s strange how the external IP could have affected the projections list. We’ll investigate about this potential bug.

Is it possible to please send me your logs to shaan at



We checked the logs, and didn’t see any errors (even when we clicked the Projections tab).