Projection debug in chrome

Hi, why the ‘Run’ button in Debug Projection page is always grayed out?

Also when I have this projection in the Debug Projection, there are some javascript errors showings in the console:




‘EventStorePlay.Events.SomethingDone’ : function(state, e) {

if (state.items == null) return {items : new Array(), count : 0, random1Sum: 0, random2Sum: 0};



state.random1Sum += e.body.RandomNumber1;

state.random2Sum += e.body.RandomNumber2;

return state;




Javascripts errors:

I am running build on Windows 7

It seems we missed one JS file in a binary package. We will upload 1.0.1 very soon to fix this.

Hi I downloaded 1.0.1 binary build. Now it doesn’t even save any new projection. Any idea?

Update: I think the new projections have been created, but somehow they are not showing in the projections page.

Create continuous projections instead of onetime. We are moving experience to the screen. It should be possible to list them there soon.