Problems with HTTP access behind NAT/Docker

I have encountered problems with accessing the Eventstore behind NAT/Docker. The problem is, that server automatically redirects me to ext http port, which is not the port to which I am trying to access.


  1. I am starting Eventstore as Docker container with such setup:

–ext-ip= —ext-http-port=2113

Which means listen to any IPs on port 2113 (as I understand).

  1. I set Docker to proxy eg. port 31500 to 2113.

  2. When I am trying to access with external IP eg., the server redirects (Returns HTTP Moved) me to

How can I fix this issue?



It is intersting, but accessing:

W dniu środa, 9 grudnia 2015 15:26:07 UTC+1 użytkownik Maciej Ciołek napisał:

You can use advertising addresses and http prefixes for this, it is similar to having an elastic IP in EC2.