Preferred Platform

Hi all,

It looks like the support for Event Store is great on Linux and Windows, but I’m curious if there’s a preferred platform from those with experience? Is the runtime faster on windows? Better disk performance on linux?

Also, in the latest blog post, there’s a oddly phrased side note:

We’re also releasing binaries that work on the Mac for the first time. Although you’ll still need Mono installed (for now), this is still a significant improvement over trying to build the native dependencies yourself.

Event Store will run on the mac in the future without installing Mono? Are you guys porting it to swift? (just kidding! I’d bet on Node first)



windows and linux are roughly equivalent speed (windows slightly better in 99.99% latency). In the near future the releases will be statically linked for mac/linux

99.99% latency sounded like the “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”. But I looked it up, and now I’m wiser for the fact. Thank you!