Prefered version of linux


Is there a preferred version of Linux for running EventStore?

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Any should work. in terms of setup ubuntu or mint are probably the
easiest to get up and running with.

Lately I have been experimenting with FreeBSD (after years away from
it) and it seems better in many respects. We don't actively test
FreeBSD but things seem to work and are relatively stable in it.

In terms of what gets tested we do most of our testing in ubuntu so
its likely to be the one you can get the best support for.




Did you have any luck with projections on FreeBSD ?

The EventStore runs fine but we can’t get the to work.


Did you build it locally?

I didn’t, I’ve used the Ubuntu version without Mono. Installed Mono from ports and tried to resolve the missing dependencies for the file with the Linux compat libraries.

I found:

But as far as I can see this only supports building on Linux or OSX

Yes until you go down to the bottom and the part about actually
building libjs1 on other platform. We include it for common build
points (it changes much more slowly than many other things and takes a
long time to build).


As far as I can figure out one has to build the dependent v8 library and then libjs.

It is C++ code so you need the build tools of the OS (gcc or clang).

The ‘building on unsupported platforms’ section mentions 2 support scripts, one for Linux, one for OSX. Are there instructions/pointers on how to build on FreeBSD? I’ve checked the 2 scripts and the steps are about the same. For me it fails on building v8, make or gmake bails out with “line 45: Missing dependency operator” (make / make library=shared ) or “build/gyp/gyp: not found” (gmake)

Thanks in advance.


gyp is a dependency

This is largely why we provide binaries aside from the build being slow :slight_smile:

Yup, you’ll need to follow the V8 build instructions. I’d imagine you’ll be closer to OS X on FreeBSD than to Linux, but it’s not necessarily straightforward - unfortunately Google take a “let’s rebuild the entire world” approach with V8, and it has all kinds of dumb dependencies (like Python?!) to build :frowning:

Thanks both for replying. I’ve managed to build libjs1 and the eventstore.
When I start the eventstore it complains about libstdc:
/usr/local/lib/ version GLIBCXX_3.4.15 required by
If I use the from gcc 4.8, GLIBCXX_3.4.15 is supported:
strings /usr/local/lib/gcc48/|grep GLIBCXX_3.4.15

However, runnning the Eventstore:
/ Undefined symbol “_ZN2v87Isolate3NewEv”
gcc46 produces the same error.
Feeding from e.g. Ubuntu works, but fails on the next dependency:
Shared object “” not found, required
Using the other libraries from Ubuntu will solve the missing dependencies but results in the end in:
" No space available for static Thread Local Storage"
I’ve also tried the linux compat libs:
/compat/linux/lib/ unsupported file layout

So I’m at a loss here, any pointers / solutions will be greatly appreciated.