Potential documentation issue with the Persistent subscription methods


Within the xml comments for the CreatePersistentSubscription method, it states that the method returns a PersistentSubscriptionCreateResult. This type doesn’t seem to be available and the CreatePersistentSubscription returns just a Task.
Is this an error in the docs, or the implementation?

This is the same for all methods pertaining to persistent subscriptions from what I can see.

How can creating a persistent subscription fail? Is a specific exception thrown if, for example, the subscription already exists? I need to create a subscription at runtime and want to ensure that the creation succeeds before use.

Any help appreciated.

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Thanks for raising this again. This issue has been opened up on github.
Creating a persistent subscription can fail and it will tell you that it failed because it already exists.

Does it fail with an exception—shouldn’t this be documented?

Also, does the embedded client support persistent subscriptions?



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